T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Classes Taught by Robert Chuckrow. Ph.D.
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Class Times and Locations:

• T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Classes at Trinity Episcopal Church, 7 South Highland Ave. (NE corner of Route 9 and Ellis Place), Ossining, NY:

Saturday Mornings: 9:30–11:30 A.M., ongoing. The first trial class is free. Thereafter, the fee is $84.00 for an eight-week series. All levels of experience are welcome. Note: For information on whether or not this class will be canceled due to snow (or any other reason) or its location changed, please go to http://www.chuckrowtaichi.com/Info.html. That information will be available by 8:00 of the morning in question at latest.

Wednesday Evenings: 7:00–8:30 P.M. Starting on June 11, 2013, the T’ai-Chi double-edged sword form will be taught. Attendance to class is by permission.

Directions to Trinity Church

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Payment Policies

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• T’ai-Chi Classes at Other Venues:

Wednesday Mornings: 9:30–10:30 A.M. T’ai-Chi Instruction for Seniors ongoing at the Fox Senior Center, 198 Carpenter Ave. (actually off Carpenter Ave.), Mount Kisco, NY. This is a class for those 55 years of age and up. No fee for Mt. Kisco residents; fee is $3.00 per class for non-residents. No class on 12/17/14. Level: Form instruction for beginners. For information, contact the Mount Kisco Nutrition Center, 914-666-8931. Directions to the Mount Kisco Nutrition Center.

• Also Available

Private Classes.

Gift Certificates for one or more private lessons or a block of Saturday-morning classes.

Advanced Classes (not listed here but may be attended with permission).

Corporate Workshops in Stess-Management / Tai Chi/ Ch'i Kung during working hours on weekdays.

• Events

T’ai-Chi Workshop: 3:15–5:15 P.M. Sunday, January 25, 2014, at City Wing Tsun Kung Fu,
1024 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10018 (between W. 38 and 39 Streets). See http://www.chuckrowtaichi.com/Workshop.html for details.

• For Additional Information

• email Robert Chuckrow at: rmp (at) bestweb (dot) net—or phone 914-762-2810.

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