Nutritional Empowerment

This eight-week course, taught by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D., will provide knowledge and tools instead of do’s and don’ts. Students will develop a conceptual framework for assessing current and future information about diet and dietary choices. You will learn little-understood concepts about the selection, cooking, and eating of foods for optimal bodily weight and improved enjoyment, nutrition, digestibility, absorption, and health.

Note: Dr. Chuckrow is not associated with and does not sell any supplements or dietary products.

Dates: Eight Thursdays, September 14–November 2, 2017.

Time: 7:00–8:15 P.M.

Location: 38 Linden Avenue, Ossining, NY (air-conditioned).

Tuition: $120. An additional family member or spouse (or equivalent) pays half price. Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Robert Chuckrow’s book, The Intelligent Dieter’s Guide, which sells for $20.95. Enrollment is limited, so a $25 deposit is required by Thursday, September 7, 2017. Deposit will be refunded if the class doesn’t run.

Information: 914-762-2810, email Robert Chuckrow: rmp at bestweb dot net

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• True hunger—learn how to reverse unnatural cravings caused by an irritated digestive tract, low blood sugar, food addictions, and other factors.

• Weight loss and diet—learn how to lose weight naturally instead of using heroic will power, which cannot work in the long run. Learn many other little-understood but crucial issues about weight loss other than that of limiting fat, carbohydrate, or caloric intake.

• Weight loss and exercise—it’s not just the calories that you burn during exercise. Rather, exercise teaches your body to burn fat consistently. When you learn and apply the basic principle, only light exercise will be needed to get that benefit.

• Fats, oils, cholesterol—the truth is almost the opposite of what we have been told. You will learn the crucial roles of essential fatty acids, saturated fats, “damaged” fats, trans fats, free radicals, and anti-oxidants.

• The physiological and mental effects of what we ingest—preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, salt, spices, vinegar, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and excesses of sugar and other nutrients.

• Flatulence, body odor, and foul breath—their causes and elimination.

• Factors affecting digestion: combining foods based on the physiology of digestion, eating in amounts not exceeding digestive limitations, effect of temperature of foods, drinking liquids with meals, and chewing food.

• Food addictions—their causes, their effects, and how to eliminate them.

• Liquids—how much, in what form, and when should they be taken? Pros and cons of bottled water, filtered water, and tap water.

• Protein—how much and in what form? We will expose the myths. You will learn how to ascertain the true protein values of different foods.

• Cooking of food—how much and how?

• Supplements—Understand the reasons for taking vitamin and mineral supplements and how to easily test oil-based supplements for freshness.

• Alkaline-acid balance—there should be at least a 4:1 ratio. You will be surprised to learn that vinegar is neutral and lemon juice is alkaline. Eggs, beans, and peanuts are very acid.

• Therapeutic fasting—How and why it works, when it is of value, pros and cons, and do’s and don’ts.

• Juicing fruits and vegetables—why and how to. Learn the most-efficient way of cleaning a juicer.

• Vegetarianism—pros and cons and do’s and don’ts.

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