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Robert Chuckrow Tai Chi Arts & Sciences
Non-Intention and Being in the Moment
Circular Modalities of Hands in T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Movement
Mind-Body Unification in T’ai Chi
Teaching Seniors T’ai Chi
How Does Practicing T’ai Chi Reduce Falls?
Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Short Form and the Yang-Style Long Form: Their Differences and Relative Benefits
Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice
A Biological Interpretation of Ch’i
The Head and Eyes During T’ai-Chi-Form Practice
Was T’ai Chi Practiced by Former American Slaves?
A Clarification of “Secret” Teachings Revealed by Cheng Man-ch’ing
Why Study T’ai Chi?
Recognizing the Distinction Between Jin and Li
Knee, Ankle, and Arch Alignment
Benefits of T’ai Chi
Stretching Routine
T’ai-Chi Articles and Information
Tai Chi Forms/Movements
About Robert Chuckrow
About the Classes
Class Times and Locations
Peng, Jin, and Li
“Natural” Flavors
Leg Cramps: Their Cause and Prevention
A Natural Source of Omega 3?
High-Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Cane Sugar
Water and Other Beverages
Hunger Pangs: Cause and Alleviation
Vegetarianism Pros and Cons
The Problem with Diets and Willpower
Overweight: Causes and Reversal
True Compared to False Hunger
Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and Antacids
A Possible Dietary Cause of Arthritis and Allergies
Therapeutic Fasting
Are Double-Blind Studies Valid?
Red Wine?
Are Vitamin Supplements Worthless?
The Food Pyramid
Articles on Nutrition and Health
Lower-Back Education
Relieving a Stiff Neck Using Kinetic Awareness Principles
Is Active Muscular Extension Possible?
Links to T’ai-Chi Ch’i-Kung, and Movements-Arts Websites
Robert Chuckrow’s Books and Videos
Sayings—Mainly From Fortune Cookies
Find Martial Arts Schools by Zip Code
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Robert Chuckrow Tai Chi Arts & Sciences
Vision Improvement
About Yin and Yang
How the Use of Eyes Affects Balance
Tai Chi Dynamics Book
Recognizing and Cultivating Ch’i in T’ai-Chi Movement
Ch’i-Kung Video
The Tai Chi Book
Practicing Correct Strength (Jin) In T’ai-Chi Movement
“Wrong”—or “Different”?
Independence of Movement
About T’ai-Chi Sword
The Importance of Continuity
About T’ai Chi
How to decide which T’ai-Chi Teacher is for you
About Ch’i Kung
Learning from a Video
T'ai-Chi Short-Form Postures
Book on Diet and Nutrition
Tai Chi Walking Book
Possible Class-Cancellation Information
Directions to Trinity Church
Payment Policies for Saturday T’ai-Chi Class at Trinity Church
Directions to Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School (PVC)
Directions to Fox Senior Center
Acid/Alkaline Balance
Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
Combining Foods for Optimal Digestion and Assimilation
Juicing Raw Fruits and Vegetables
Flatulence and Halitosis
Addictions and Cravings
Salt and Condiments
How to Select Fruit
Nutrition-Facts Labels
Factors That Affect the Aging Process
The Importance of Aerobic Exercise in Weight Loss
Interpreting Your Weight Gain or Loss
Non-Profit “Plant” Organizations
Microwave Versus Conventional Cookery
The Nutrient-to-Calorie Ratio
Sugar-Box Blurb
Cholesterol, and Margarine versus Butter
Aluminum Cookware and Alzheimer’s?
Are Bananas Very High in Potassium?
Evaluation of Beans as Food
Healthful Recipes
To Receive Autographed Copies of Books
Tai Chi Dynamics Video
T’ai-Chi Form Video
Push-Hands Video
How to Transfer Funds Using PayPal
Praise for Tai Chi Dynamics
Praise for The Tai Chi Book
T’ai-Chi Form Movements
Photos of Form Postures
Praise Tai Chi Walking