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Robert Chuckrow Tai Chi Arts & Sciences
How T’ai Chi Improves Memory
“A Hand is Not a Hand”
Dangers of Using Images in Movement Arts
“Swimming on Land”
Stepping Like a Cat
Non-Intention and Being in the Moment
Mind, Body, and Spirit
Circular Modalities of Hands in T’ai-Chi (Taiji) Movement
Mind-Body Unification in T’ai Chi
Teaching Seniors T’ai Chi
How Does Practicing T’ai Chi Reduce Falls?
Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Short Form and the Yang-Style Long Form: Their Differences and Relative Benefits
Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice
A Biological Interpretation of Ch’i
The Head and Eyes During T’ai-Chi-Form Practice
Was T’ai Chi Practiced by Former American Slaves?
A Clarification of “Secret” Teachings Revealed by Cheng Man-ch’ing
Why Study T’ai Chi?
Recognizing the Distinction Between Jin and Li
Knee, Ankle, and Arch Alignment
Benefits of T’ai Chi
Stretching Routine
T’ai-Chi Articles and Information
Tai Chi Forms/Movements
About Robert Chuckrow
About the Classes
Class Times and Locations
Peng, Jin, and Li
Eating Just Before Bedtime
Therapeutic Magnets
“Natural” Flavors
Leg Cramps: Their Cause and Prevention
A Natural Source of Omega 3?
High-Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Cane Sugar
Water and Other Beverages
Hunger Pangs: Cause and Alleviation
Vegetarianism Pros and Cons
The Problem with Diets and Willpower
Overweight: Causes and Reversal
True Compared to False Hunger
Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and Antacids
A Possible Dietary Cause of Arthritis and Allergies
Therapeutic Fasting
Are Double-Blind Studies Valid?
Red Wine?
Are Vitamin Supplements Worthless?
The Food Pyramid
Articles on Nutrition and Health
Lower-Back Education
Relieving a Stiff Neck Using Kinetic Awareness Principles
Is Active Muscular Extension Possible?
Articles Index
Links to T’ai-Chi Ch’i-Kung, and Movements-Arts Websites
Robert Chuckrow’s Books and Videos
Sayings—Mainly From Fortune Cookies
Find Martial Arts Schools by Zip Code
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Robert Chuckrow Tai Chi Arts & Sciences
Recognizing and Cultivating Ch’i in T’ai-Chi Movement
Peng, Jin, and Li
About Yin and Yang
How the Use of Eyes Affects Balance
Vision Improvement
Tai Chi Dynamics Book
Ch’i-Kung Video
The Tai Chi Book
Practicing Correct Strength (Jin) In T’ai-Chi Movement
Recognizing and Practicing Jin (Correct Strength)
“Wrong”—or “Different”?
Independence of Movement
About T’ai-Chi Sword
The Importance of Continuity
About T’ai Chi
How to decide which T’ai-Chi Teacher is for you
About Ch’i Kung
Learning from a Video
T'ai-Chi Short-Form Postures
Book on Diet and Nutrition
Tai Chi Walking Book
Class-Change, Class-Cancellation Information
Directions to Trinity Church
Payment Policies for Saturday T’ai-Chi Class at Trinity Church
Directions to Fox Senior Center
T’ai Chi Workshop
Combining Foods for Optimal Digestion and Assimilation
Acid/Alkaline Balance
Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
Juicing Raw Fruits and Vegetables
Flatulence and Halitosis
Addictions and Cravings
Salt and Condiments
How to Select Fruit
Nutrition-Facts Labels
Factors That Affect the Aging Process
The Importance of Aerobic Exercise in Weight Loss
Interpreting Your Weight Gain or Loss
Non-Profit “Plant” Organizations
Microwave Versus Conventional Cookery
The Nutrient-to-Calorie Ratio
Sugar-Box Blurb
Cholesterol, and Margarine versus Butter
Aluminum Cookware and Alzheimer’s?
Are Bananas Very High in Potassium?
Evaluation of Beans as Food
Healthful Recipes
About Ch’i Kung
Fever: Bane or Boon?
The Mind During T’ai-Chi Practice
Nutritional Labels
To Receive Autographed Copies of Books
Tai Chi Dynamics Video
T’ai-Chi Form Video
Push-Hands Video
Directions to Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School (PVC)
How to Transfer Funds Using PayPal
Praise for Tai Chi Dynamics
Praise for The Tai Chi Book
T’ai-Chi Form Movements
Photos of Form Postures
Praise Tai Chi Walking