About the T’ai-Chi Classes:

Typically, classes start with a standing warm-up and then a meditative stretching routine, which sometimes includes self-massage and various relaxation, breathing, and vision exercises. Then Ch’i-Kung exercises are taught and reviewed in detail. Next, students who wish to, do one round of the first section of Cheng Man-ch’ing’s short form (Photos and Descriptions of First Section). Then we break into individualized, informal groups for T’ai-Chi-form instruction. Each student is taught movements sequentially by Dr. Chuckrow, assisted by his senior students. He supervises the instruction at all times and spends time teaching members of each group in turn.

Whereas the self-defense aspect is occasionally touched on, the main emphasis of the class is on health and self-development.

Beginners are welcome and can start at any time. The first trial class is free of charge.

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