Praise for Tai Chi Walking . . .

The unexpected delight of walking correctly, balancing yin and yang, experiencing the non-action of action through the conservation of energy inherent in a proper walking technique, is a joy available to each of us. Rather than transcending the physical senses as one does in meditation, the sensuous pleasure of walking outdoors bypasses analytical processes and creates a direct experience of the world. In Tai Chi Walking Robert Chuckrow examines every aspect of walking for better health through the lens of the principles of tai chi. By observing ourselves and our movements in this basic activity, Chuckrow demonstrates how simple adjustments to posture and alignment can eliminate long-term pain and bring lasting fitness.

A student of Cheng Man-Ching (responsible for bringing Yang style tai chi chuan to the US) and a professor of experimental physics, Chuckrow offers his wisdom from decades of tai chi practice. He uses simple language to explain the physics of optimal physical alignment through attention rather than artificial devices. He discusses the role gravity and friction play in walking as well as the importance of loose knees and parallel feet. Photographs illustrate how alignment of the feet determine posture, and present the safest placement of the foot when climbing stairs. Chuckrow even teaches how to improve your vision while walking by alternating your focus on close and distant objects. For both the tai chi novice and experienced practitioner, Tai Chi Walking outlines the philosophical principles of tai chi and offers suggestions for integrating them into daily life to invigorate ordinary tasks with intention and pleasure.

—Alec Franklor, Spirit of Change magazine, Sept/Oct 2004

Tai Chi Walking: A Low-Impact Path To Better Health by Tai Chi Chuan expert Robert Chuckrow is a superbly presented, “user friendly,” instructional compendium on the health benefits and practices of walking, employing Tai Chi principles for meditation and improved health at the same time. Readers will learn how to walk properly and naturally, why poor walking posture can actually damage physical health, and how proper walking can significantly increase longevity and vitality. Tai Chi Walking is confidently recommended reading for all students of the martial arts, physical fitness, and alternative health resources and practices.

—Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Dr. Chuckrow’s book extends the principles of taichichuan to walking for exercise. It includes discussions on alignment, footwear, balance, etc. It follows on and repeats some of the material from his “Tai Chi Book.“ It is not a book for the general reader, requiring some familarity with taichichuan nor does it discuss the training exercise called tai chi walikng. I recommend it for the taichichuan novice as a thoughtful example of how to extend one’s experience with the form to other areas.

—Bob Wooster “woo” (Weston, CT USA)

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