Links to Other T’ai-Chi, Ch’i-Kung, and Movement-Arts Websites

Note: These links are listed to provide additional information on T’ai Chi, Ch’i Kung, and other movement arts. Lacking direct information, we make no recommendations for the products or services provided by these websites. Moreover, please draw no conclusion from the absence of a listing. If you would like to suggest additional listings that you feel should be included, please email Robert Chuckrow at rmp at bestweb dot net.

The Center for Holistic Arts in NYC: This site is that of Lawrence Galante, a classmate of mine under Cheng Man-ch’ing.

Cheng Man Ching: Master of Five Excellences:

Cloud Hands Taijiquan and Qigong:

Dojo Locator Has listings of schools everywhere in the world:

Kinetic Awareness Center in NYC: This site is that of a revered teacher of mine, Elaine Summers, M.A. Summers is a choreographer, filmmaker, intermedia artist, film, dance & intermedia pioneer, original member of the Judson Dance Theater, MIT Fellow (Center for Advanced Visual Studies), Fulbright Scholar, Originator of Kinetic Awareness, Founder of Expermental Intermedia Foundation, artistic director of Elaine Summers Dance & Film Company, and director of the Kinetic Awareness Center in New York, NY.

Long River Tai Chi Circle in NYC: http://www.longrivertaichi. This site is that of Wolfe Lowenthal, a classmate of mine under Cheng Man-ch’ing.

Malmo Kunta Tai Chi Chuan:

Martial Arts Tai Chi:

Patience Tai Chi: This site is that of William C. Phillips, a classmate of mine under Cheng Man-ch’ing. T’ai Chi Ch’uan Book Recommendations: T’ai Chi Ch’uan Links:

Sinobarr Productions: This site is that of Ken Van Sickle, an “older brother” of mine under Cheng Man-ch’ing. His specialty is the T’ai-Chi straight sword. His website has many photographs that he took of Professor Cheng.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Ron Perfetti (his list of instructors):

Tai Chi Farm:

Tai Chi Friends’ Website:


The Walking Tiger Tai Chi Club: https:/

Grandmaster William C. C. Chen’s website: Grandmaster Chen is one of the most gifted original students of Cheng Man-ch’ing. I studied under Chen for about six years in the late 1970s.

Wuwei Tai Chi Club: This site is that of the late David C. Chen and his wife, Joanne Chang and has intersting information and articles about Cheng Man-ch’ing.

Recommended article from the above web site: This is a very interesting interview with Master Koh Ah Tee, who provides evidence that Cheng Man-ch’ing’s T’ai Chi is a style of its own, distinct from the Yang style.

Yang’s Martial Arts Academy: This site is that of Yang Jwing-ming, who has written many books on T’ai Chi and other martial arts. He is the founder of YMAA Publications Center in Boston MA (that published my three books on T’ai Chi).

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