Refinements to the Yang Style:
A Two-Hour Workshop for Students of all Levels and Styles of T’ai Chi,
Led by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.


In order to facilitate learning, teachers tend to simplify movements with the understanding that students will eventually make appropriate refinements. “Ward Off Left,” “Single Whip,” “Cloud Hands,” and other movements will be examined and refined with respect to the following elements:

1. Continuity and Circularity of Movements. We will identify the various places where movement incorrectly stops (during stepping and at certain landmarks such as holding a ball) and then speeds up, interrupting continuity and circularity.

2. Natural Swing of the Arms. Cheng Man-ch’ing talked about attaining the natural swing of the arms. Unfortunately, it is missing in the movements of most practitioners. Feeling and allowing the natural swing is the key to doing movements effortlessly and naturally.

3. “Beauteous Hand.” This concept is extremely important, with far-reaching mental, physical, and self-defense ramifications, which will be explained and illustrated.

It will be shown why the above elements are interconnected and so important, how to achieve them, and how “being in the moment,” “non-action,” “non-attachment,” and “non-intention” are involved in all of the above elements.

Presenter Information:
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Sunday, January 25, 2015.

3:15–5:15 P.M.

City Wing Tsun Kung Fu
1024 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
(on the east side of Sixth Ave., between W. 38 and 39 Streets, south of Bryant Park).
Ring fourth-floor bell and walk up.


In advance: $35 ($30 for Open T’ai Chi members)
At door on day of event: $40.

Space is limited, so if you plan to come, please register at Open Tai Chi, If you do not want to create a Meetup account, call Organizer Inoshi (646-801-9218) to RSVP.