Intelligent Dieter’s Guide Cover


• Weight-loss programs—why they may work for a while but not for long.

• False hunger and ten of its causes, including low blood sugar.

• Addictions to sugar, coffee, and other substances. How to break them.

• Basic nutrients and why including the right type of dietary fat is of major importance. An explanation of the role of cholesterol that is seldom heard.

• Weight loss. How to interpret scale readings and know whether your weight loss is from fat or not. An alternative interpretation of the dreaded weight-loss plateau.

• The importance of aerobic exercise in weight loss.

• How to change yourself from a sugar burner into a fat burner. The true role of exercise in weight reduction. Calories. What are calories and do they count? The real reason you should not eat just before bedtime.

• Effects of salt. How to cut it out and not miss it. Effects of spices, mustard, vinegar, msg, and nitrates.

• Effects of coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

• Effects of insufficient water and excess water. How much water? What kind of water? Carbonated beverages. Effects of alcoholic beverages.

• Crucial information about digestion and food combining clearly explained.

• Fasting: how it works, its benefits, and do’s and dont’s.

• Natural and refined foods.

• How to sprout seeds.

• How to make and benefit from fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

• Vegetarianism.

• Nutritional supplements and herbs.

• Acid/alkaline balance including a numerical chart of common foods.

• The Apportionment Weight-Loss Diet, originated by the author for educational purposes.

• Unusual low-calorie, tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes.

• Running: How to do it and other aerobic exercises safely and beneficially.

Recently updated, 106 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", softcover with comb binding that lies flat. Arranged and indexed for easy reference. ISBN 0-9645919-4-4.

Price: $20.95.

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