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T'ai Chi Form Video Cover

T’ai-Chi Short Form Video

This video teaches the basics of Cheng Man-ch’ing’s T’ai-Chi short form. The entire form is taught, movement-by-movement, with repetitions. Additionally, the entire form is demonstrated two ways: (1) viewed from the front and (2) viewed from the rear. Read More...

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T’ai Chi Push-Hands Video Cover

T’ai-Chi Push-Hands Instruction Video

This video teaches the basics of fixed-step push-hands. It reviews the basic principles and shows how to deal with scenarios that frequently occur. Read More...

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Tai Chi Dynamics Video Cover

T’ai-Chi Dynamics Video

This video explores many of the subtleties of T’ai-Chi movement and is intended for those who already know the form of any style. Whereas its content does not parallel that of the book by the same name, there is considerable overlap. Read More...

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Ch'i Kung Video Cover

Ch’i-Kung Basics Video

This 47-minute video teaches the basics of T’ai-Chi Ch’i Kung. An additional 16-minute video is also included, which teaches over a dozen more Ch’i-Kung movements. Read More...

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Tai Chi Concepts Book Cover

Tai Chi Concepts and Experiments

This new award-winning book clarifies and makes accessible critical aspects of the art that only a small number of high-level practitioners currently understand and manifest.. Read More...

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Diet Book Cover

The Intelligent Dieter’s Guide

This book clearly explains how to attain your optimal weight without dieting by observing principles of nutrition of which most people are unaware. Read More...


Tai Chi Dynamics Book Cover

Tai Chi Dynamics

This book explores subjects usually not found in other T’ai-Chi books. Subjects range from muscular action to breathing to health and self-development. There is even a chapter covering many aspects of teaching T’ai-Chi. Read More...


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The Tai Chi Book Cover

The Tai Chi Book

This book covers much of the basic conceptual framework of T’ai-Chi movement and can benefit those of any skill level. Read More...


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Tai Chi Walking Book Cover

Tai Chi Walking

This book goes into much detail about the mechanics and dynamics of walking as viewed through T’ai-Chi principles. Many people learn to walk in a haphazard way, which can result in a susceptiblity to chronic and acute injury. Through exercises given and elucidation of correct alignment, this susceptibility to injury can be eliminated. Read More >>>


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