T’ai-Chi Push-Hands Instruction

with Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.


• Stance
• Contacting the Opponent
• Folding
• Sticking
• Replacement
• Blocking
• Yielding
• Yin and Yang
• Neutralization
• Action and Reaction
• Redirecting the Opponent’s Force
• Defending Against Being Grabbed
• Double-Weighting
• Pulling
• Friction
• Basic Push-Hands Movements
• Non-Action During Neutralization
• Stepping In
• Various Applications:

“Step Back to Ride the Tiger”
“Withdraw and Push”
“White Crane Spreads Wings”
“Strike with Shoulder”

• Neutralizing Two Forces
• Breaking the Opponent’s Root
• Principle of Opposite Palms
• Cooperative Practice
• Disallowed Actions

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