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Here is a book, written by a seasoned practitioner, that clearly and concisely presents the teachings of three high-level masters of T’ai-Chi as well as the teachings of other masters of movement and spiritual disciplines. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will gain a substantial exposure to many concepts that are all too frequently omitted by most teachers and authors. This book was a finalist in the 1999 Independent Publisher Book Awards as “among the three best books in the health/medicine category for 1998.”


T’ai-Chi as a spiritual teaching, meditation, and a system of exercise, health, and healing.

Taoist philosophical principles of yin and yang, being in the moment, non-action, and non-intention and how these relate to health and self-defense.

Ch’i: what it is, its benefits, how it is experienced and transmitted, and its scientific basis. Why some people fail to experience ch’i. How ch’i can be cultivated by everyone.

Clarification of all important basic principles, with many examples.

Analysis and reconciliation of seemingly opposite breathing patterns.

Alignment of knees, ankles, pelvis, spine, head, shoulders, elbows, and wrists explained and illustrated. The harmful effects of incorrect alignment.

The proper way to warm up and stretch.

A thorough discussion of all of the basic stances, with terms and quantities referring to stances precisely defined and diagrammed.

How to practice.

How to choose and relate to a teacher.

Clarification of the basic concepts of push-hands to help beginners as well as experts.

Anecdotes about masters, quotes of masters and students, and personal experiences of the author.

Descriptions of the postures and transitions of the solo form, augmented by over a hundred photographs.

Health, healing, and Taoist sexual practices.

209 pages, 7 1/4" X 9 1/4", softcover, 109 photographs, 18 diagrams. Arranged and indexed for easy reference. ISBN 1-886969-64-7.

Price: $20.95.

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