Cheng Man-ch’ing’s T’ai Chi with Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.


This 63-minute video has three parts. In the first part, Chuckrow demonstrates the complete form at regular speed. Next he teaches the form one move at a time. There are repetitions, close-up views, and references to the basic principles. Many beginning students have found that it is possible to learn the movements of the form from this video. Of course, it is eventually necessary to have a teacher who can make corrections. In the last part, the form is repeated at regular speed as viewed from the rear to simulate following a teacher in class.

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Time: 63 Minutes. Available in VHS and DVD.

Price: $29.95.

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Almost as good as getting personal instruction. Very thorough and well done!

five starsBy jacnewmanon July 3, 2013

Dr. Chuckrow has created a dvd version of his terrific video on Master Cheng Man-ch'ing's T'ai-chi short form. I've owned the video for some years and wanted to upgrade to the dvd version.

Dr. Chuckrow's approach is very thorough. He has broken the program into 3 parts. The first part we get to see Dr. C performing the 37 step form from the front with some relaxing music as background.

The second part is an excellent and thorough teaching of each step in the form. Dr. C has done something here I'd never seen before on any t-ai chi video and that is to do the form on a grid that he created on the floor. This provides even greater clarity of direction and movement. Interesting to is that Dr. Chuckrow for the most part narrates each and every movement with a little voice over as well, while doing the form and gives very thorough instruction all the way. The explanations and examples given are extremely helpful.

In the third part Dr. Chuckrow does the form once again; but this time you see him from the back as if you were following along with him in a class. Although nothing is as good as taking personal instruction, this dvd comes as close as one can to taking a personally taught class from one of Master Cheng's original western students.

You can be a new or old student to this form and do quite well. I've lived for years now in one of those rare areas that literally has no t'ai chi classes nearby, so this for me is a most valuable tool in keeping up with my practice.

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