Tai Chi Concepts and Experiments

by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.

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Tai Chi Concepts and Experiments clarifies and makes accessible critical aspects of the art that only a small number of high-level practitioners currently understand and manifest.

Numerous step-by-step experiments are provided for readers to experience and perfect these critical tai chi aspects:

Contents include:

• The meaning and importance of releasing tension in movement for stability, health, and spirituality.

• The differences between contractive and expansive strength including a promising mechanism for the nature of expansive strength.

• Numerous experiments for readers to recognize and experience expansive strength and to confirm that they have achieved it.

• Elucidation of famous master’s sayings on mind, strength, and ch’i.

• Health and martial advantages of expansion over contraction in T’ai Chi.

• Protocols using expansion including those for helping an excess curvature of the upper and lower spine and for relieving plantar fasciitis.

• Quotes from the classics and how they confirm the interpretations of the principles of T’ai Chi.

• How to achieve optimal balance through an understanding of physical, anatomical, physiological, and mental factors.

• A detailed analysis of “rooting and redirecting” including physical and internal aspects.

• Understanding natural movement from physical, philosophical, health, and martial points of view.

This award-winning, interdisciplinary book utilizes, elementary physics, physiology, anatomy, psychology, and spirituality. It includes detailed analyses, explanations, and reader-experiments for achieving internal, expansive strength, known as nei jin, and for attaining optimal timing and natural movement.

This 220-page book is Now available.

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