T’ai-Chi Payment Policies for Saturday T’ai-Chi Class at Trinity Church

1. General. Future revisions of the polices described herein will not apply to a student’s series currently in progress but will start with the next series. Moreover, these polices do not apply to special classes such as broadsword, double-edged sword, nutrition, etc. The policies for these classes will be announced when they are offered.

2. Payment. The fee for each eight-week series of empty-hand form classes is $84 (or, equivalently, $105 for a ten-week series), paid in advance. There will be no refunds once a series has started. The spouse (or equivalent), siblings, parents, and children of a student taking an eight- or ten-week series can each attend that series at half price, payable at the start of that series. A student who has finished the form and wants to pay by the class (instead of committing to a series) can do so at $12 per class attended. Special arrangements will be considered for students who find it difficult to pay the cost of classes.

3. Additional Classes. A student who has paid for a series can, with Robert Chuckrow’s permission, make up a missed class or come to additional classes on the same level at a different venue during that series. There is no charge for a making up a class missed for any reason. Otherwise, there is an $11 charge for each additional class attended.

4. Credit for Missed Classes. If Robert Chuckrow cancels a class, an additional class will be credited to a student who has paid for a series in that class. No credit will be given for classes of a series that are held but are missed by a student except as follows: A student who misses two or more consecutive classes because of illness is credited with one fewer than the number of classes missed. A vacationing student will similarly be credited but only if R.C. is told about the vacation at least one week in advance.


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