Articles About and Information on T’ai Chi (Taiji) and Ch’i Kung (Qigong)

Achieving Sōng, (Relax)

Is Taiji Becoming Too Diluted?

Seek the Straight from the Curve.

Dòng and Dàng: Optimal Timing of Shifting and Turning in Taiji Movement.

Clarifications of Perplexing Taiji Sayings and Admonitions

Non-Action in T’ai-Chi Movement

Analysis of Individual Movements of the T’ai-Chi form

T’ai-Chi Push-Hands Demos: Real or Fake

“Use the Mind and Not Force”

Muscular Strength: Advantages of Expansion Over Contraction in T’ai Chi

Seven Ways of Validating Your Progress in T’ai Chi

Is it Possible for Muscles to Actively Extend? (revised 7/9/18)

Peng, Jin, and Li

Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T’ai-Chi Movement (revised 6/23/16)

An Analysis of “Rooting and Redirecting”

How T’ai Chi Improves Memory

“A Hand Is Not A Hand”

Dangers of Overusing Images in Movement Arts

“Swimming on Land”

Stepping Like a Cat

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Non-Intention and Being in the Moment (revised 6/22/16)

Circular Modalities in T’ai-Chi Movement

Mind-Body Unification

Teaching T’ai Chi to Seniors

Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Short Form and The Yang-Style Long Form: Their Differences and Relative Benefits

How Does Practicing T’ai Chi Reduce Falls?

Tucking the Tailbone in T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Good or Bad?

Practicing Jin (Correct Strength) Within the T’ai-Chi Form

A Biological Interpretation of Ch’i

The Head and Eyes During T’ai-Chi-Form Practice: Three Modalities.

Did Former American Slaves Practice T’ai Chi?

Why Study T’ai Chi?

A Clarification of “Secret” Teachings Revealed by Cheng Man-ch’ing.

How to Recognize Jin.

Recognizing and Cultivating Ch’i in T’ai-Chi Movement

“Wrong”—or “Different”?

Independence of Movement

About T’ai-Chi Sword

The Importance of Continuity in T’ai Chi

Correcting Knee, Ankle, and Arch Alignment Problems

About T’ai Chi

Benefits of T’ai Chi

Philosophy of Yin and Yang

Deciding on a Teacher

About Ch’i Kung (Qigong)

How to Learn from a Video

Robert Chuckrow’s Stretching Routine

How the Use of Eyes Affects Balance

T’ai-Chi Forms: Descriptions, Photos, and Names of Movements

Articles on Nutrition and Health

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