Non-Profit “Plant” Organizations*

Radio, television, and newspapers tell of various organizations ostensibly dedicated to our well-being. The titles of some of these organizations imply that their existence is borne purely of humanistic motives, that their conclusions characterized by scientific objectivity, and that they are undefiled by the monetary considerations of multibillion-dollar-per-year industries. Whereas many of these organizations are what they appear to be, some are not.

Because advertising is so expensive, industries have found a cheaper and more effective means of influencing the public to purchase their products. These industries form or contribute heavily to non-profit organizations that disseminate information, allegedly in the interest of the public. Most of the information is of an innocuous and trivial nature. However, embedded in the benign information are the results of manipulated studies done solely for the purpose of selling various products, almost always foods and pharmaceuticals.

The reader is, therefore, advised to exercise skepticism before accepting the advice of non-profit organizations.

*From Robert Chuckrow, The Intelligent Dieter’s Guide, Rising Mist Publications, Briarcliff Manor, NY, 1997.

©Copyright 1997 by Robert Chuckrow

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