Some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Remedies

CAUTION: Do not trust the purity or effectiveness of herbs unless you know that they have be tested by one or more reputable independent testing agencies.

Dit Da Jow, pronounced in Mandarin: Die1 Da3 Jui3 (superscripts: 1 = high tone and 3 = falling then rising tone), is a liniment, which when promptly massaged into an acute bruise or sprain caused by a muscle/tendon pull or blow removes the pain and promotes healing quickly. It can be used for chronic injuries, but the beneficial effects are slower and are delayed proportionally to the delay in application. Dit Da Jow is a tincture of twigs, leaves, roots, flowers, seed, resins, and sometimes certain insects. There are many recipes for Dit Da Jow that have originated literally thousands of years ago. Formulations were then secret, and some are still so. Specific recipes were formulated for different types of injuries (muscles, tendons, cartilage, bones, organs, etc.) and were used mainly by martial artists who were injured in hand-to-hand combat. Some versions can be taken internally, but most are only for external use, so use caution. Also, do not use for cuts, scrapes, or burns!


Ching Wan Hung

Ching Wan Hung is a highly effective salve for burns, scrapes, splits, and insect bites. It has been studied in China and found to accelerate the regeneration of damaged epithelial tissue. When used for a burn, it alleviates the pain in about 20 minutes and thereafter, and the burn heals in half the time. Several years ago, I was rebuilding my front porch steps, walking up and down the stringers. I fell backwards, severely scraping my back and arms on the 90-degree corners of the stringers. My wife applied Ching Wan Hung and bandaged the scraped areas. The pain subsided. The scrapes healed within a few days. Other scrapes, which I had not noticed and were not treated, took weeks longer to heal.

Ching Wan Hung.jpg

Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is a yellow powder for stopping internal or external bleeding. I have found it to be highly effective the several times I needed it. I have used it to quickly and permanently stop recurring nosebleeds by sniffing a little of the powder from the palm of my hand. Every bottle comes with a tiny red ball that can be used for uncontrolled internal bleeding. Those in the Chinese military will not go into any battle situation without a supply of Yunnan Baiyao.

Yunnan Baiyao


Coptis (Chinese goldthread Rhizome) is a very bitter root, which is easy to take in capsule form. It is useful in killing one-celled life forms in the digestive tract, namely, bacteria, viruses, one-celled parasites, and yeast. The protocol for eliminating one-celled parasites is to take two coptis pills three times per day, with food, for a week.

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