Index of articles on diet, health, and T’ai Chi

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Acid-Alkaline Considerations and Chart

Addictions and Cravings

Aerobic Exercise


Alignment of Feet, Ankles, and Knees

Allergies—Their Dietary Causes

Aluminum and Alzheimers

Bananas and Potassium.html

Beans—Are They High in Protein?



Ch’i—A Biological Interpretation

Ch’i Kung and T’ai Chi (Qigong and Taiji)

Ch’i Kung (Qigong)—About Ch’i Kung

Ch’i Recognition.html

Cheng Man-ch’ing—A Clarification of “Secret“ Teachings

Cheng Man-ch’ing vs Yang Styles


Circular Modalities in T’ai-Chi Movements

Class Times and Locations


Cultivating the Correct Internal State in T’ai-Chi Movement

Degenerative Disease—its Dietary Causes

Diets—Why they Fail to Produce Permanent Weight-Loss


Double-Blind Studies—Why they Are Unscientific

Eyes and Balance

T’ai Chi Benefits

Falls—T’ai How Doing Chi Reduces Them



Finding a T’ai-Chi Teacher

Flatulence and Halitosis

Food Combining

Food Pyramid

Form Movements—Verbal Descriptions and Photos

Fruit—How to Select

“A Hand Is Not A Hand”

Head and Eyes in T’ai-Chi Movement

Health Articles

Heartburn—Its Causes and Natural Prevention

High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sucrose

Hunger Pangs—What They Really Are

Hunger—True Compared to False

Images in Movement Arts—Dangers of Overusing Them

Independence of Movement in T’ai Chi

Jin—Recognizing What it Feels Like

Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Leg Cramps—Their Cause and Prevention

Lower Back—How to Reduce Swayback

Martial-Arts Schools

Memory Improvement

Microwave-Cookery Evaluation

Mind During T’ai-Chi Practice

Mindfulness (Being In The Moment)

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Muscular Extension—Is it Possible to Extend Muscles? (revised 10/14/15)

Natural Flavors—Are They as Good as They Sound?

Nutrient/Calorie Ratio

Nutritional Labels


Overweight—How to Reverse it Naturally, Without Willpower

Payment Policies For Classes

Plant Non-Profit Organizations

Peng Jin—How to Practice it

Protein—How Much?


Red Wine

An Analysis of “Rooting and Redirecting”

Salt and Condiments


Senior T’ai Chi

Seven Ways of Validating Your Progress in T’ai Chi


Stiff Neck Protocol

Stretching Routine—The One Done in Class


Sugar-Box Blurb




“Swimming on Land”

T’ai-Chi Articles

T’ai-Chi Forms

T’ai-Chi Links

T’ai-Chi Sword

T’ai Chi—Why Study it?

Therapeutic Magnets—A Possible Mechanism for Their Alleged Benefits

Tucking the Tailbone


Vegetarianism Pros and Cons

Videos by Robert Chuckrow

Videos—How to Use Them

Vision Improvement


Weight—Interpreting Scale Readings

Wrong—or Different

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